Mini Excavator Final Drive Issue OMP Hydraulic O Meara Parts

We all know when the machine needs an engine oil change or an air filter replacement or there's a fuel issue but the lowly final drive goes unnoticed carrying the rest of the machine and you to where ever the work is. The reality is if the unit reaches the point that the one in the picture above has it's all too late and too expensive. This particular unit was fitted on a ZX35 and the replacement unit cost 1550+ vat which OMP Ltd supplied. The cost of replacing the oil regularly ( 1 pint of oil 1.5 euro ?? !! ) or a complete service with new seals bearing etc. approx. 550 + vat leaves this an expensive repair. The reality is everybody is very busy and when the day is done it's difficult to motivate yourself for another hour of checks on the machine. The best advice we give here in OMP Ltd is to change the final oil on every 2nd engine oil change or every 350 hrs. This may seem very often but a mini excavator like this one spends as much time tracking and pushing with the blade as digging. This makes the expense and time involved so little that the saving more than compensates for the effort. If any advice is ever required for any issues with your excavator our service team is more than willing to help.