An over-heating issue in a hydraulic pump and system can be very hard to pin down and often the main cause of leaks and internal wear.

A recent issue with a New Holland E135SR with a Kawasaki K3V63 pump was found in the swash plate assembly. From the picture you can see the wear on the concave and convex surfaces. The pump was reported to have good power but had several reseals over a short period. After a little more questioning of the owner he acknowledged that the machine was constantly killing the engine when working with all the usual diesel problems eliminated. The wear in the swash assembly was not allowing the pump to destroke properly, keeping the pump constantly in a state of engagement thus generating excessive heat and labouring the engine. Regular servicing of the hydraulic oil and filters ( 500hrs on filters and 2000hrs on oil *Guide line only* ) will keep this wear to a minimum and extend the life of the hydraulic pump and system exponentially. 

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