Technical Help

For any queries or questions related to Hydraulic problems, Electrical or mechanical. Please call Paul on +353 86 2529861 or email to

We will do our best to help or maybe the FAQ below can help you.

There is a clunking noise / rattle coming from the pump area as the machine is switched off

A noise coming from the hydraulic pump/bell housing area is generally caused by a worn pump drive coupling . This is quite common as the machine hours get higher, usually over 10,000hrs. An easy and relatively cheap fix *once caught in time*. A good time to tackle this issue is on an hydraulic oil service as you will have to drain the the oil to remove the hydraulic pump. Once the pump is removed the coupling will be visible either bolted to the fly wheel or the pump shaft or both depending on the type. Also a good time to replace the front pump seal and rear engine oil seal if there is any sign of leakage or dampness in these areas. We would recommend a qualified experienced person to carry out the seal replacements if required as these jobs can be tricky and end badly if any mistakes are made.

We welcome any queries or questions on these issues or any other hydraulic problems that you may have at  0433336463

Excavator will not track straight?

This again is a very common question from our customers. A couple of things to check before taking out the tool box !!

  1. Does the excavator track straight when cold and gradually get worse as the machine heats up to working temperature? if so then there may be a centre joint issue. This is the unit in the floor of the machine just in front of the Swing Box which allows the excavator to track while still able to turn through the 360 degree operation. If the seals in this unit fail then the high pressure oil feeding the travel motors will escape back to the Hydraulic tank without delivering the required flow or pressure to perform correctly, causing either a mistrack or poor tracking power.
  2. This can be repaired by a competent person but the advice would be .... get some one who knows what they are doing!!!!!

The hydraulics in my excavator is noisy or lacking power, what could be wrong ?

This is one of the most common questions we receive from a customer.

Ther are several possible causes when the hydraulics are noisy or lacking power.

The course of action we always suggest is to 

  1. Check the suction pipes and joints for leaks or loose fittings as these issues cause the system to cavitate i.e. to pull air instead of oil or both into the pump. Correct any faults found.
  2. Change the hydraulic oil and all associated filters including the suction filter on the inlet pipe inside the hydraulic tank as the oil may have deteriorated or been contaminated over time. Hydraulic oil should be regularly changed over the life time of the machine.  Topping up the system after a hose failure does not count 😁.

If these checks and corrections do not solve the issue then a more technical approach or a qualified technician may be required to perform system pressure and or flow tests as there may be an issue with hydraulic pump and or system.                                                                      ***But always do the simple things first***

If advice is needed please contact us on 0862529861 and we will do our best to help